Sage Certifications

About Sage

Sage leads the way for integrated payroll, accounting, and payment systems. Over 6.2 million businesses in 23 different countries use their accounting software.

Sage’s accounting software is well-priced and has a user-friendly interface that consists of:

  •  Desktop and cloud-based features
  •  Checking incomes and expenses with precision
  •  All accounting information is centralised
  •  Calculate and submit VAT returns to HMRC automatically
  •  Customisable invoicing when invoicing customers 

Since 2005, Sage’s objective is to provide businesses with software that helps them control all finance elements clearly and analyse performance. With this in mind, 3 years of rigorous development and piloting ensued to create the first Sage Accredited Qualifications programme, with the assistance of their awarding body partners. Any individual looking to enhance their skill set when using the Sage accounting and payroll software, and progress towards an accredited qualification would greatly benefit from their tailored courses.

With innovation pushing the industry, Sage Qualifications have developed an eLearning platform where students can access all courses. In addition, with the Sage software being updated frequently, all those that enrol will be able to use the latest version of the software.

Since 1999 sage has sat comfortably within the FTSE 100 and is ISO 9001:2008 registered. Therefore, any individuals interested in their courses will gain peace of mind knowing that Sage systems must meet the criteria of quality management. Whether you have no knowledge of Sage software or are a professional, there are many suitable courses aimed at your level of experience.



Learn from the top leader - Sage is undisputedly the leader when it comes to payroll, accounting, and payment systems. In the UK alone, Sage is the most used accountancy program. With qualifications and experience from Sage, learners will be in high demand from employers in almost all industries.

Get assistance before making a decision - We work closely with Sage to offer those who want to enrol the chance to discuss all course options available for free. This includes providing model answers, workbooks, practice simulations, self-test activities, and start files.

Embarking on a career in bookkeeping or accounting - Anyone interested in this industry and wants to take the first step of starting an exciting career, would benefit greatly from a Sage accounting qualification. With many different courses available, finding one that is suitable for your experience will be easy.

Online learning to fit around you - The Sage courses provided are online so you can study around other commitments. If you have a goal in mind when you want to complete the course, you will be in full control to study as much or as little as needed. All you need is a suitable device and an internet connection.

Assistance when needed - Throughout the course, you will be supported with the help of self-test activities that provide the ability to track and control your progression. 


Career Opportunities

Sage is used in the majority of industries throughout the countries it is available in. With a qualification from Sage, you will receive a competitive edge when applying for bookkeeping or accounting roles.

Demand for Sage experienced individuals is always high. With the experience gained through a Sage qualification, you will stand out from other applicants when applying. Whether you are looking to start your own company or aim to obtain your first role in bookkeeping or accountancy, a Sage qualification is a great start.

To break it down further, the following are the best careers to acquire with a Sage qualification, and therefore, those interested should consider enrolling:

  •  Accountancy
  •  Bookkeeping
  •  Payroll
  •  Small business owner

Upon completion of the foundation Sage qualification, your education journey doesn’t stop there. Continue to enhance your skillset with more advanced courses. No matter what course you sign-up for, all the course material and software used will be up to date to provide the best learning experience.

Potential employers will respect individuals that are Sage certified. This ensures that when hiring, the knowledge and skills needed for the position will be in capable hands. No matter the industry, Sage qualified professionals are always in high demand. Thus, individuals will have the necessary skills to progress through their career and increase earning potential. From administrator to fully certified accounting or payroll manager, Sage covers all aspects.   

Which certification

We provide the highest amounts of Sage Certifications in the UK. This includes our standalone courses and our integrated ones (CIMA, ICB). See below the most enrolled Sage qualifications through us.


How to get certified

Want help when choosing the most suitable course? Contact us today and one of our highly trained advisors will happily provide biased free information to guide you through your choices. 

We hope you join our learning community and take your first step towards a successful career!