NCSC (Part of GCHQ)

NCSC (Part of GCHQ)

National Cyber Security Centre

About NCSC (Part of GCHQ)

Originally founded in the UK, The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) was established in 2016. It is incorporated into GCHQ with the purpose of providing both the public and private sector with assistance whenever presented with security threats.

GCHQ stands for Government Communications Headquarters. Its mission is to keep Britain protected from online attacks. With the use of technology and intelligence, the organisation helps stop high-level threats. Intelligence gathered allows for GCHQ to reduce terrorism and crime, while halting any cyber hacking.

With a diverse range of people in a variety of roles, their collaborative efforts help keep the UK economy safe from any attacks. From linguists to mathematicians, with PHD’s or A-levels, there is a suitable role for everyone. You can work in cryptography, or project management, with high experience or little. All come together to ensure the protection of information, intelligence, and the process of creating a new policy to keep the UK safe and prosperous.   

Every day the UK faces attacks online from cybercriminals, hackers, terrorists, fraudsters, organised criminal gangs, and more. Many of these are equipped with new technology. GCHQ has been tasked by the UK Government to prevent these threats. Therefore, innovative new ideas are regularly produced by expert technicians across the country to combat the ever-present problem. These individuals that are passionate and motivated to protect existing systems from current and ever-evolving threats are highly sought-after.

During the First World War, GCHQ intelligence teams focused on naval and military signals. Moving forward, their success helped to create the Government Code & Cypher School (GC&CS) on 1 November 1919. With Europe on the brink of war in 1939, the organisation was renamed GCHQ and changed location to Bletchley Park. From this prestigious location, teams began to create modern computing and generate intelligence as we know it, which led to thousands of soldiers being saved. In the 1950s GCHQ moved to Cheltenham while continuing their important work. From here they discovered Public Key Cryptography, the foundation of secure online transactions used in the 1970s onwards.   

100 years ago, GCHQ always focused on excellent teamwork. Even today the organisation makes teamwork a top priority along with innovation and adapting to new challenges efficiently. With technology enhancing rapidly, their goal of protecting the UK against threat has never been so apparent.          



Globally recognised qualification - Highly respected and known globally, GCHQ certifications are highly valued by companies, both domestic and internationally. Not just in the IT sector, but for many industries.

High-end knowledge and skills received - All courses offered by GCHQ help enhance knowledge and skills within cybersecurity, data and intelligence.

Career progression - Through the use of high-grade course material, and respected qualifications, GCHQ is focused on supporting all learners to help reach their goals.


Career Opportunities

With this internationally recognised qualification, it will provide you with the necessary skills and knowledge that are required for a variety of career paths. Upon completion, the course will allow you to confidently carry out tasks in your new intelligence or cybersecurity role.

GCHQ professionals are ready to face ongoing threats brought about in the digital world. You will be protecting your country from many attacks, no matter which company or industry you decide to work in.

GCHQ is known for its incredibly high-standards, in-depth research and knowledge to tackle the world’s problems. Adding this to your CV will increase employability into this ever-challenging sector.

From beginning a career or progressing as an expert, acquiring a GCHQ qualification will ensure you have the correct skillset for many positions. Currently, professionals that are certified are in high demand.

With a range of field options available, you can learn the specific sector you want to progress further in. Or retrain into a different one to try a different career path within cybersecurity and intelligence.


Which certification

GCHQ/NCSC course that is most commonly undertaken by our students are:

  •  Data Breach
  •  Penetration Testing
  •  Defending the Perimeter from Cyber Attacks
  •  Cyber Security Risk Assessment and Management

How to get certified

Need more information? Speak to one of our friendly advisors today and they will help you find the ideal course that meets your requirements. 

Take your first step towards a career in cybersecurity and intelligence with a GCHQ accredited course, today!